02 October 2014

Power of 'Mager'

Hi guys, I'm back :')
I was busy doing my new-temporary-status-and-hope-to-end-it-faster as jobseeker. So, I haven't made anything before, and wanna tell you something about my habitual. My un-exemplary habitual actually haha.
Have you ever felt the power of lazy-almost-hard to move? even just for a step? I felt that, exist as 'Mager'(re: males gerak).

So, why I must call it as power?
If you already read all my posts in this blog, you will find many 'mager' words. Yes, right. I prefer to use something beside me than hard-to-catch-somewhere stuff to made my art handmade.

Is it good? yeah, it tells my brain to think creatively, haha *no offense*
Here are the power of 'Mager' effects:

I can't believe, I was made it -__-

you wanna know exactly what I did? Everytime I made it and couldn't find something that I truly need, I change it with another stuff near me, and sometimes it coming out differently from what I thought and what I use. So, there's the point where your brain really need to think about it from another point of view. And that's what we call 'creative'.

hardly to believe, but even just for buy something like clothes, firstly t-shirts , I still do my power of 'mager' haha. Yes, I prefer to buy something which serve online, such as Zalora

why it should be Zalora?
Better you check it out, guys! It serve sooo many brands! you can find all the thing you need, especially t-shirt for what I most craving right now. 

And back to the topic,
Is there anyone who already feel the power of 'Mager'? ;)

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