25 December 2015

D.I.Y Necklace - Compact Disk

Helloooo again!
Finally, I found the right time to taking care of this blog since it was too out of date. I'm on short holiday anyway and decide to stay at home and doin' "me time". And this is not my new D.I.Y stuff, I made this 2 months ago before 'the day has come' (curious? *lol* in short it was one month in the dorm and I must stop doin' my habit also adjust myself to do something new. That's included one of recruitment process since I resigned from my previous company, So.. I move!)

This is D.I.Y necklace, made from compact disk. As you can see, it's so simple. All you should do is just cut the compact disk into small pieces. Firstly, you can boil the disk before you cut it. Why? It helps you, the disk will comes out to be more elastic after it and surely made you easier to shape it.

If it's done, next step is put the pieces randomly till made a structure and glue it.


You have another D.I.Y- necklace! :)

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