31 July 2014

D.I.Y- Turban Headband

*pardon of my unready half face anyway*

In this post, I will show you how to make this two-colour headband. All you really need are just two fabrics with different colour (better to use the silk material than cotton), and a little bit rubber which usually used for sewing. And here are the steps:

So the first step is prepare your two colour fabrics and cut it with the same length. After that, you need to sew the edge of fabrics. If you've finished that step, twist both fabrics in the middle and connect the other side using rubber fabric. And finish! If you getting hard to sew it, you can use glue which specially made for fabric. Use that as the second alternative way. Just make sure you've gluing it so sticky and let it dry. But I prefer to use sewing machine than glue. So simple, right? :)

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