23 December 2012

another heaven on earth

Hi everyone! i'm back! :D
there's so loooong time since the last time i wrote on this blog. honestly, i haven't made something new *apologize*. I haven't had a much time, i'm focusing on my activities in college now, soooo maybe you must wait for next long holiday. maybe i will spread my new art handmade :p
ok, i will not leave this blog empty. So in this chance, i'm gonna introduce my another heaven on earth. I'm at home right now and my another-heaven-on-earth is my artwork room. it's not my personal room actually, my mother's made it! and i really love the way she made this room. Finally i found my favorite space at home and I always spent so much time here haha yes, another way to cut your boring time.

it's kinda a little bit messy here, but you will love this place. my mother's put all of her stuff here and I used it to makes my handmade. I always find a rare-stuff and used it. and it works! yeay

this tools. Seriously, i don't know how to use even the function of some tools. But this is really help you if you  know how to use it right. I will practice it later.

 aaand you will find a lot of basket here with cotton fabric, silk, and laces! I can spent so much time just to search a good fabric to use, so cute texture.
another art-handmade-stuff is this ribbon. wow amazing, my mother has so much colour of ribbon with different width. That's why so rare for me to buy stuff that i need, my mother's made it.

this blink stuff, i haven't used it yet. but i really love this stuff. maybe for the next project.

there's still a lot of stuff but i didn't take some picture. I just want imagine you, how i love this room. okay, thankyou for read this one. and see you on anoher project of mine!

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